Mounting plate

Supplied as standard with our HIVE™ dust solution, the custom mounting plate allows for easy mounting of the ES-642 and HIVE telemetry and is quick to deploy onto either a pole or wall/hoarding installation location.


HIVE™ Solar Solution

A 650W solar solution designed and tested to run the ES-642.

Includes 2 x 325W solar panels and a 115Ah backup battery with solar charge controller inside an IP65 housing.

Panels are each 1.675x1.0m and two are required for proper operation.


XL Battery Option

The XL Battery kit allows deployment of the SWARM for longer periods of time, on remote or difficult to access monitoring locations.

Includes: our XL batteries with a 8-16 week runtime per battery, SWARM Vibration Monitor, 1 year subscription, DIN Plate, Transport Case, 2x XL IP (208Ah) Batteries, Battery Charger, UK USB adaptor & Tools.