Vibration Accessories

Explore our range of vibration monitoring accessories. From mounting hardware to durable casing and power solutions, each accessory is crafted to seamlessly integrate with our systems, ensuring robust and accurate data collection.

110V Mains Adaptor

Allows a SWARM vibration monitor to be connected directly to mains power on a site.

110V mains adaptor
SWARM vibration security mount

Security Mount

For sites where security is a concern and direct mounting of the SWARM is not an option.

The Security Mount and Security Bolt allow the SWARM to be protected.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) adaptor

The new Power over Ethernet (PoE) adaptor provides the Omnidots SWARM with wired communications and power using a single cable.

The PoE adaptor allows SWARM sensors to be installed in remote monitoring locations or subterranean works where 3G/4G/LTE or Wi-Fi connections may be unavailable or prohibited.It also provides reliable, wired power to the SWARM in environments where battery or solar options are not feasible.

mains adaptor
SWARM XL battery option

XL Battery Option

The XL Battery kit allows deployment of the SWARM for longer periods of time, on remote or difficult to access monitoring locations.

Includes: our XL batteries with a 8-16 week runtime per battery, SWARM Vibration Monitor, 1 year subscription, DIN Plate, Transport Case, 2x XL IP (208Ah) Batteries, Battery Charger, UK USB adaptor & Tools.

Solar panel option

The solar panel allows for uninterrupted remote monitoring, ideal for long term projects and at remote locations. A low-cost, sustainable solution it will charge the SWARM battery while the SWARM monitor continues to operate, reducing the need for regular site visits.

Solar panels are capable of providing year round power to the SWARM monitor but they require a clear line of sight to the sun. It’s easy to install them at an optimum angle with it’s compact design and size (54 x 67 cm).

solar panel