UK based Technical & Customer Support

Our UK based technical team have extensive experience in environmental monitoring and can offer support over the phone, by email and when necessary on-site.

Tutorial videos, PDF manuals and specifications for the SWARM vibration monitor, air quality monitors, Oizom Envizom, Bi3 EnviroInsight and the Honeycomb platforms are available on the product pages.

Web support is available directly with Omnidots technical development team via the Honeycomb web platform. Just click the "Chat To Us" icon on the Honeycomb cloud platform. They can offer high-level technical advice and support with the API.

Envizom is an advanced cloud-based platform that is optimized for mobile devices, allowing you to effortlessly monitor and manage dust and gas levels in real time. With the ability to access your equipment settings and data from anywhere, at any time, using your tablet, smartphone, or laptop, you are always in control. Furthermore, the system will alert you immediately if the dust/gas levels exceed safe limits, sending alarms via email or SMS.

Envizom also offers the convenience of automatically generating daily or weekly reports, which can be sent to multiple recipients via email. Additionally, it can be seamlessly integrated with third-party applications, such as client or project websites, by utilizing the API.

Oizom and EEMC Monitors ensure, our customers stay updated with all the information and resources they require related to their Air Quality projects. For any further information please visit the Oizom web platform.

SWARM Calibration Facility

We provide SWARM calibration using the Omnidots automated calibration system from our Wimbledon offices.

The calibration system integrates with the Honeycomb platform and calibration certificates are automatically uploaded to the cloud platform.

We can arrange collection and return and typically turnaround calibrations within 4-5 working days. For ease we only need the SWARM unit itself returned, without cases or batteries. Where necessary we can also offer a pre-arranged same-day calibration service at no additional cost.

Calibration rig

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find your answer below, please get in touch with us.

Which instrumentation standards does the SWARM sensor meet?

The SWARM has been independently assessed by Spektra in Germany to comply with DIN 45669-1:2010-09, see certificate here.

The SWARM has also be independently verified for compliance with SBR-A by DMT.

There are no UK specific equivalents for these standards and these are the most commonly used for instrument comparison.

Are manuals available for the SWARM and Honeycomb Platform?

Yes! A copy of the SWARM quick start guide was included in your order, however, you can download a copy of this guidance here.

There are also manuals available for Honeycomb and Wi-Fi configuration of the SWARM available at the links below:

What are the requirements for handling & shipping the Omnidots Batteries?

The Omnidots SWARM batteries are IP65 Lithium-Ion battery cells tested to UN38.3 and are specifically designed to provide efficient power to the SWARM.

Due to the power capacity and type of batteries they are categorised as Class 9 Dangerous goods (UN3840) and as such must be shipped and handled with care. Guidance from the battery manufacturer is available here.

Battery Datasheets (MSDS):

Is an API available for the Honeycomb Platform?

Yes, click here for the documentation of  API (Application Programmable Interface) for the Omnidots Honeycomb web-platform.

Note, the API supports only SWARM data at present. Omnidots are undertaking development work on the platform, which will include an API 2.0 with additional features.

What power solutions are available for the SWARM sensor?

The SWARM system is supplied as standard with the necessary accessories for normal deployments, including: 2x IP rated batteries and a mains adaptor/charger (suitable for 100-250V AC).

A Power over Ethernet (PoE) adaptor is also available for use when mobile data and a wired connection is required (ie: tunnelling).

A Solar Panel option and double capacity battery solutions are also available to fulfil specific requirements and we're happy to work to provide bespoke solutions where required, please contact us for further info.

Which are the X, Y and Z axes on the SWARM?

The SWARM sensor automatically aligns the X,Y & Z measurement axes, such that Z is always vertical axis.

Do you offer discount on your pricing?

We offer structured discounts on both Hardware and Software which are dependent on order and ownership quantity.

Please speak to our sales team to discuss the options available.